How do you want to upgrade your biology?

PEMF works by sending pulses of electromagnetic energy through your body, gently stimulating your cells. Your cells respond by becoming more efficient. However, most PEMF devices only send out a single electromagnetic frequency. 

Our unique, patent-pending technology can deliver multiple different electromagnetic frequencies simultaneously -- and each one acts like a unique type of workout for your cells. You get to choose what positive effect HAELO has in store for you. 

With HAELO, you can train your cells to recover faster, produce more energy, promote mental clarity, and much more.

HAELO’s 10 curated frequency sets leave just one question: how do you want to upgrade your biology?

HAELO Frequency Sets


Powerful initiation of endorphins, serotonin, oxytocin and dopamine triggering a wave of strength, endurance and motivation to support a healthy mindset and stamina to go the distance and level up in all situations.

8 minutes


Prepares the whole body and mind for exertion, activates readiness and optimized reaction time for peak performance in any challenging situation, competition or workout.

8 minutes


Sharpens and enhances the mind, boosts confidence, activates intuition and releases tension for restoring balance in the body and mind to outperform competition or produce an exceptional outcome.

8 minutes


Turbo charged power not for the faint of heart! Feel like a winner and boost energy with up-leveled blood circulation, cell hydration and muscle endurance to excel physically, emotionally and mentally.

8 minutes


Nourish cells with optimized hydration, circulation and oxygenation following a strenuous event, travel/jet lag or just replenish the body. Supports a nervous system reset and helps to balance hormones.

8 minutes


Deep recovery of muscles, bones, ligaments and fascia after strenuous workout or competition that typically produces soreness, stiffness and pain. Supports a quick recovery for regular and consistent routines.

23 minutes


Gentle soothing relief to areas that are tight or sore. Relieves physical body tension accelerating recovery. Supports optimal gut health, a sound mind and overall positive attitude to keep routines on track.

23 minutes


Spark the breath of life and align cells creating balance in the mind, organs and chakra system. Produces harmonious frequencies to enhance well being and better support challenging and full lifestyles.

8 minutes


Calms the mind and provides stability and grounding to center the mind, body and energy field. Supports hormones and the nervous system. Targets stress reduction and reinforces peace and harmony.

8 minutes


Comprehensive immune defense that supports white blood cells and provides optimal protection against a wide array of nasties. Supports colon and gut health for optimum balance.

8 minutes

Many of our users are biohackers, self-experimenters, or athletes. They report a variety of positive and empowering effects, including:

  • ► Faster muscle recovery
  • ► Better mental focus
  • ► Greater physical endurance
  • ► Improved mood
  • ► Relaxation
  • ► Resilience to stress
  • ► And more

The best way to experience PEMF is to feel the difference for yourself.

Do you want faster recovery? More focus? Elevated mood? Improved physical outcomes?

Experiment with our 10 different frequency sets, or stack sets together to create a protocol that fits your unique lifestyle and goals.


Does PEMF really work?

It does. In fact, the FDA has approved PEMF devices for alleviating arthritis[*], healing fractured bones[*], relieving muscle pain[*], and improving recovery from surgery[*]. 

Research has also shown that PEMF can boost mood. In a 2010 study, people with treatment-resistant depression saw significant improvement after doing PEMF[*]. Later research using brain scans suggests an explanation: that PEMF may restore disrupted neuronal connections in the brain[*]. 

PEMF has been in clinical use for more than 20 years^. It’s backed by more than 2,000 published studies, and as technology gets better, we’re discovering new benefits to PEMF.

^ The FDA accepted PEMF as “a viable treatment for pain” and PEMF therapy has been FDA approved for a variety of kinds of pain and inflammation since 1998.


The HAELO difference: peak performance in less than 8 minutes

HAELO is an upgraded version of PEMF. Our proprietary hardware delivers stronger, more efficient electromagnetic pulses.

As a result, sessions are only eight minutes long, while still providing the full range of benefits that PEMF offers. The HAELO device creates an electromagnetic field that has an effective range of six feet from the center of the coil; you can sit back, place the coil near you while you work, and receive its benefits passively. 

You control HAELO from an app on your phone, allowing you to switch seamlessly between frequencies or stack sets together to enhance your performance.