Point Guard for Las Vegas Aces, 3 x WNBA All-Star.
"My life has changed as a result of using HAELO. As a professional athlete, I am always looking for new ways to be better on and off the court. Preparation, sleep, and recovery are all part of that process. HAELO has improved each one of those categories. Both my readiness and mental focus have improved since using HAELO. My recovery time and the way my body feels after competing has taken a big leap thanks to this game-changing device!"


The Defender for New England Revolution
"As a professional athlete, my job comes with a lot of stressors. HAELO helps me tackle the mental, emotional and physical aspect of my training and game. I feel happier and more physically ready to take on each new day as a direct result of this next-gen PEMF device" Omar Gonzalez, The Defender for New England Revolution, used HAELO daily throughout the 2020 MLS playoffs.


NWSL Player for the Houston Dash
"The reason I really love HAELO is because it plays into my story as an athlete… Last year I had some major injuries… So I am thinking, ‘Is soccer for me? Is my body just telling me that I need to step away from soccer?’ Of course not! Of course you can’t tell me to step away from soccer. So I wanted to find a solution… and I am telling you, HAELO has been my solution. Everyday I wake up and run Calm and then I use Level Up before training… When I come home from training, I use Relief and Recover. And these two I believe have helped me an incredible amount physically and mentally. For me this product has saved my career and I am really excited for the future of HAELO as it continues to grow, and I encourage you to get your own."


High-performance coach, cyclist, and all-around athlete.
"I use HAELO first thing in the morning before I work out and I use my favorite program which is called Prepare. It's just the right amount of get up and go without too much stimulation so I can go for a run or I can work on my computer. When I get home later, I love to use Recover program and Relief afterwards, it just helps you out of any soreness and of course I can sit and watch TV or check my phone when I use it. At night, right before bedtime, I use Calm and Defense, and I noticed that it really helped me improve my sleep overall, and my recovery score the next day is so much better when I use HAELO. You will notice changes in your performance, in your mood and in your sleep."


Athlete, Entrepreneur, Fitness and Wellness Coach
"I've felt such an amazing response to using this PEMF device. I researched a lot before I actually started using it and I talked to a lot of people in the holistic health care field and it was a technology that we felt could really benefit to be able to nourish cells from the inside out. I am thankful that I found this device. I can travel with it, it’s lightweight, and the app makes it super efficient to use. I am just a fan for life and I encourage you to research PEMF technology and look into the HAELO and see what settings might work for you."


Founder of Bulletproof, Biohacker and New York Times bestselling science author
Listen to Dave’s review of HAELO and learn more about how he integrates HAELO as part of his daily routine.


Medical Director, World Surfing League (WSL)
 "Over the last 30 years I have worked on perfecting my craft in the support of elite professional athletes and high performers in all walks of life. A balanced life requires great capacity for change and adaptability, resilience and grit under load. and when achieved, creates consistent optimal performance. HAELO is one such technology that supports this objective; uniquely integrating performance and recovery technology frequencies into one streamlined, time efficient and user-friendly system. HAELO offers a playlist of frequency sets and options that seamlessly integrate into my preparation and recovery/regeneration routines. Never before has a time existed where I have so many options and challenges; I am grounded, evolving and supported in my daily routine through consistent use of the HAELO system."


World-Class Biohacker & Host of the Lifestyle Podcast
"As someone who has been into both frequency and PEMF technology for a long time, I was stoked when the HAELO came out because they have combined the best of both worlds. They are taking frequencies that exist in nature and stacking in the frequency sets that come in the HAELO App in a way that is unique. I use this technology often when I need to recover from working out, when I want to gain energy before I work out and more often than not, to just recover from the stress of the day and experience a quick daily reset."


Nutritionist, Celebrity Wellness Coach & Educator
"We live in an era of hyper wellness, yet chronic inflammatory issues are on the rise. Along with healthy food, movement, and mindfulness, wellness practitioners are calling on new technology to help the body heal faster, to attune the mind and body for better performance with simplicity throughout our stressful lives. HAELO has helped me tremendously with my mood, my energy, and my ability to thrive every day. As a result I’m able to paint a bigger picture for my clients' journey because I feel the difference--this is the power of PEMF, and HAELO is leading the way for us to all feel more optimized and nourished."


Sports Chiropractor, World Surf League & Functional Health Practitioner
"Being contact with the earth's magnetic field is a really important and often overlooked aspect of health. Take for example, astronauts when they leave earth’s surface they get sick, so we rely on the frequencies of earth’s surface to be able to put charge into our body and that's why we talk about grounding and earthing that's why it's so important. Earth's surface does not me just a single frequency, has a whole lot of frequencies that act like I guess an orchestra. HAELO provides symphonic frequencies the same style of delivery of frequencies we'd actually get from the earth surface and as such you notice when you listen to an orchestra, they hit notes you know those notes and those desired and combined frequencies also result in desired effects on our body. We have something with HAELO called, the frequency sets and for me these frequency sets have been amazing. Just before I go to sleep to do the CALM (frequency set), I might be in front of the television doing the RECOVER. I'm really impressed with it and I can't recommend it enough for you to try."