Frequency Set Spotlight: Circulation

Frequency Set Spotlight: Circulation

Few things are as fundamental yet often overlooked as circulation. It's the life force that keeps our bodies thriving, ensuring vital nutrients and oxygen reach every cell. HAELO's new Frequency Set, Circulation, zeroes in on this essential function, working to elevate your well-being by optimizing blood flow and microcirculation.


Time: 24:08 minutes

Description: Improves circulation and microcirculation to optimize blood flow, vascularity, vasodilation, and the delivery of oxygen to your cells.

Applications and Best Use:

  • Pre-Workout
  • Recovery Support
  • General Wellness
  • Post-Travel

Circulation is the ultimate complementary program. Play during compression therapy or after your next sauna session. You can also play this Set as a Stack with a number of different Frequency Sets, like Replenish or Level Up to enhance performance, or Recover to promote optimal recovery. 


With improved vascularity and oxygenation, your muscles feel more responsive. You're able to push through, adding in those extra reps with ease. It's as if your body is operating in perfect harmony. With Circulation, your body will feel activated, lightly energized, and oxygenated. But here's the best part – there's no jitteriness, no stress-inducing rush. Instead, you feel a sense of readiness, and clarity of mind and body.

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