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What's Included


The console mixes, synthesizes, and transmits your chosen Frequency Set to the HAELO coil.


The coil emits a 6ft. pulsed electromagnetic field around your body.


The app allows users to select and start any of our 10 Frequency Sets.

Frequency Sets

These are unique programs that blend together a wide range of frequencies to improve recovery, performance, and overall wellness.

HAELO also includes: AC Power Cord, Carrying Box, Quick Start Guide, Ten (10) Frequency Sets & 1000+ Frequency Set Stacks.


Your HAELO offers a 2-year limited warranty on the entire HAELO system (including console, coil, and AC power cord). For a nominal charge, you can extend your warranty up to two additional years when you purchase your HAELO. However, we are not responsible for accidental damage or damage caused by user abuse or misuse. For more details, you can read more about our warranty here

Usage Guidelines

HAELO was designed for daily use. Most customers play anywhere between 1-4 Frequency Sets on the days they use HAELO. Remember, every body is different. Some users are more sensitive to PEMF therapy and may enjoy fewer Frequency Sets daily or weekly. Others may be comfortable with more frequent use. With PEMF therapy, sometimes less can be more, as it takes time to integrate and assimilate the frequencies.


Bluetooth Low Energy

2.4 GHz Baseband

Universal AC Input

100 V - 240 V AC Line, 50 - 60 Hz, 3A Fuse

Temperature Range

32° F to 122° F (0° C to 50° C)

Console Dimensions

10.3” L x 7.9” W x 3.3” H (262 mm x 201 mm x 85 mm)

Console Weight

5.5 lbs (2.5 kgs)


While most people can use the HAELO safely, it is not safe for those with ferrous metals or electrical implants (e.g. pacemakers, insulin pumps, vagal nerve stimulators, other stimulators, etc.). HAELO is not designed for children 14 years and younger. If you are pregnant or breastfeeding, please check with your doctor before using HAELO. When in doubt, we recommend consulting with your doctor or a medical professional before using HAELO or any other PEMF technology.

Customer Reviews

Based on 20 reviews
Christopher Jordan

I cannot stress how important PEMF is and the Haelo device. For me it’s a game changer. By far the most important purchase for my health. As we get older our cells don’t recharge as well and they leak etc. PEMF fixes bad cells charges new ones and just makes me feel great. I use it several times a day. Fantastic product. Chris Jordan (I own 2 Haelos)

Joe Cancellieri
Joe Cancellieri-Sports Performance Specialist

The application of HAELO in my practice has been paramount. I see a wide genre of high level athletes and each of them were able to apply HAELO into their daily regime.

Reese Richardson
A true game changer!!

When I ordered my Haelo I was completely skeptical and was 100% expecting to send it back. Honestly, I had just gotten my tax refund and had some money to mess with and I wanted to know what PEMF was like. When I received my unit I told myself I would use it every day for 2 weeks and then send it back. Upon my first use I was even more skeptical: no immediate feelings of rejuvenation, nothing even remotely perceivable as being positive. but I continued using it and I'm glad I did. By the end of the first week I noticed something big: my recovery had begun to skyrocket. I religiously watch all my metrics via Oura ring and polar and I noticed my resilience, HRV, and sleep score going up. Today, after a month of use, my resilience has hit 100% every single day for over a week and a half. For me, this metric is astounding! The curve changed the day I began using Haelo every day. Honestly, it's been one of the best, most measurable therapies I've ever encountered and it will absolutely remain in my daily use, even when my wife makes fun of me for using my 'magic coil'. 10 out of 5 stars

Chris Jordan
Fantastic device pemf

I love the Haelo machine. We have two of them at our house now. my only criticism is the premium stacks The price of 1799 for each one is ridiculous and I’m hoping you’re going to change that.

Thank you for your feedback and for being a HAELO customer, Chris! We're so happy to hear that you're enjoying your HAELO experience. We're currently developing an All-Access option that we believe you'll love, offering unlimited access to the entire Premium Playlist. Stay tuned!

Tyler Lesher
The Best Performance Tool in the Game!

As a dedicated user of the HAELO PEMF device, I can wholeheartedly say it has transformed my approach to recovery and sleep. After integrating HAELO into my nightly routine, I’ve observed a significant increase in both REM and deep REM sleep, which I track using my WHOOP band. Remarkably, on nights when I skip using the HAELO, my sleep scores plummet by 20%. This is a testament to its direct effectiveness.

The simplicity of using the device is astonishing – it requires absolutely zero effort. Just set it up, turn it on, and let it work its magic while you rest. I’ve found that not only am I sleeping deeper, but I wake up feeling more refreshed, thinking more clearly and better prepared for the day.

We often talk about the importance of sleep, hydration, and nutrition as the pillars of recovery with our athletes. However, I’ve come to regard the HAELO device as a prerequisite for truly restorative sleep. The benefits are clear, and the ease of use is unmatched. There’s only upside to using it, and I cannot recommend it enough to anyone looking to enhance their recovery and overall health.
Dr. Tyler Lesher.
UCLA Men’s Basketball Athletic Trainer