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As a HAELO partner, you play an important role in evolving the recovery space. Share your go-to frequency set combinations to improve deep sleep, optimize muscle recovery, kick-start morning motivation & anything else that pertains to your fitness and health routine. 

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Gyms & Health Clubs

Looking to add a fresh recovery technology to your offering? Let’s discuss how we can support expanding your value proposition to provide clients and members an efficient way to recover faster and stay in the gym longer.


Professional Athletes & Teams

HAELO was developed for athletes. Whether you are looking to partner with us or to purchase HAELO with an exclusive partner discount, we are here to support you in achieving optimal recovery, peak performance and longevity in your sport.


Corporate Program

Our team utilizes HAELO as a warm-up for the work day whether it be for mindfulness, energy or preparation. HAELO supports teams at all levels to excel every day by staying productive, focused and ready for anything.