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Q&A: WNBA Champ Chelsea Gray on Tokyo Gold, Body Maintenance, and Being a Role Model

Gray sat down with Sports Section to discuss the benefits of PEMF, winning a gold medal, being a role model, and much more.


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Feel Good Frequencies - How To Recover Stronger, Boost Your Energy And Optimize Your Life with HAELO CEO Jeff Monroe

Listen to the podcast: Healthcare leader, Sleep Enthusiast, and Biohacker Dr. Jay's interview with Jeff Monroe, our CEO and founder.

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Learn how Mona Sharma has been using HAELO in her Morning Routine --a Holistic Approach to Wellness

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Chelsea Gray: ‘Taking Care of My Body Is Essential. I’m Not Able to Take Days Off From That’

Read Chelsea's interview with Joe Lemire @ SportTechie about her experience with HAELO and how it is helping her with deep sleep, immune defense, performance and recovery.


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HAELO’s Innovative Recovery Tech Bound to Send Shockwaves Across Sports Landscape

... Truth is — HAELO isn’t too good to be true — HAELO is real and it’s currently in a state of groundswell preparing to unleash the positive properties of PEMF on the sports world.


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The Key to This Soccer Player’s Physical Recovery? Mental Fitness.

We've all heard of buzzy "self-care." But true self-care is more than just meditation apps and whatever-the-hell-mindfulness-is. Sometimes, it's just about allowing yourself time to recover. Pro soccer player and defender for Toronto FC, Omar Gonzalez, gets it. 

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Biostrap Labs Study Finds Symphonic Pulsed Electromagnetic Field Therapy Improves Cardiovascular Biomarkers, Sleep, Recovery With Endurance Athletes

The study investigated the objective and qualitative effects of the HAELO Symphonic PEMF (sPEMF) on both acute and chronic performance metrics of adults who regularly engage in high-volume athletic training.

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Why athletes are turning to HAELO, a cutting-edge cellular workout

Pulsed Electromagnetic Field devices (PEMF) have been emerging as a revolutionary way to support wellness and enhance the body at a cellular level. HAELO is a new device that most closely emulates Earth’s own PEMF symphony in comparison to other devices. And already, athletes are seeing how HAELO is working to give them a cellular workout and help them perform at their optimal level.

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All About PEMF Devices and Why the New HAELO Device Is Different

... HAELO is a high-quality physical recovery and optimization device that is next-generation and easy to use, and it also serves as a biohacking optimization tool.


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Bootstrapping In America | Jeff Monroe of HAELO

HAELO enhances the recovery of athletes and high-performance fitness enthusiasts by using pulsed electromagnetic field therapy.


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