HAELO PREMIUM: Elevate Your Wellness Routine with Cloud-Powered PEMF Therapy

HAELO PREMIUM: Elevate Your Wellness Routine with Cloud-Powered PEMF Therapy

In the ever-evolving landscape of holistic wellness, HAELO introduces its latest game-changer - PREMIUM. You can find this new playlist inside the HAELO app alongside our RECOVERY and PERFORMANCE playlists. 

PREMIUM brings a new dimension to Pulsed Electromagnetic Field (PEMF) therapy. Think of it as your Spotify© for all things recovery, performance, and wellness, where exclusive Frequency Sets are seamlessly delivered to your HAELO console from the cloud, providing a dynamic and user-friendly experience.

Unlocking the Power Inside HAELO PREMIUM

Customized PEMF Therapy

PREMIUM features a growing library of custom Frequency Sets, requested by you and crafted by us. Each program is a unique blend of frequencies to support your recovery, performance, and specific health and wellness goals.

Continuous Innovation

Just like your favorite songs on Spotify©, Frequency Sets in PREMIUM are sent to your HAELO console from the cloud. This cloud-based integration gives us the power to continuously release new Frequency Sets, keeping your wellness journey fresh, exciting, and cutting-edge!

Flexibility in Wellness

Recognizing the diversity in user preferences, PREMIUM offers the flexibility to rent Frequency Sets on a week-by-week basis or through monthly subscriptions. This, along with our expanding library of Frequency Sets, empowers you to explore different sets on your own time that align with your unique health and wellness goals.

The Next Level of PEMF Therapy

By integrating PEMF therapy into a cloud-powered platform, HAELO offers a personalized and continuously evolving wellness experience. Take your routine to the next level with PREMIUM – where the power of PEMF therapy meets the convenience of cloud-based innovation. It’s time for an upgrade.

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