HAELO, Biostrap Labs Study Finds Symphonic Pulsed Electromagnetic Field Therapy (PEMF) Improves Cardiovascular Biomarkers, Sleep, Recovery With Endurance Athletes

HAELO, Biostrap Labs Study Finds Symphonic Pulsed Electromagnetic Field Therapy (PEMF) Improves Cardiovascular Biomarkers, Sleep, Recovery With Endurance Athletes

Using reliable wearables, the study investigated the physiological performance benefits of symphonic pulsed electromagnetic field therapy in a real-world setting

LOS ANGELES, California — HAELO, the only pulsed electromagnetic field therapy (PEMF) device that is designed to mimic Earth’s symphony of frequencies, partnered with Biostrap Labs, the product validation branch of the digital health company, to conduct a structured intervention trial.

The study investigated the objective and qualitative effects of the HAELO Symphonic PEMF (sPEMF) on both acute and chronic performance metrics of adults who regularly engage in high-volume athletic training.

Final results of the study showed:

  • An increase in deep sleep duration, deep sleep percentage and the overall quality of sleep and recovery despite a decrease in total sleep duration.
  • Increased perceived performance and better quality of life.
  • Improvements in nocturnal vitals and arterial properties which are both associated with improved recovery and cardiovascular health.

Participants were asked to wear the Biostrap wrist-worn biosensor each night for sleep tracking and capturing clinically reliable nocturnal data. 

Biostrap Chief Science Officer Kevin Longoria, also a scientific advisor at the National Academy of Sports Medicine, said that PEMF has been shown to affect several cellular and biological functions to support athletic recovery. 

“Sleep quality and its impact on recovery, injury prevention and performance are especially important for high-volume endurance athletes,” Longoria said. “When every minute matters, it is always impactful to provide interventions that aren’t burdensome and can deliver near-immediate and meaningful improvements in areas that are typically difficult to modify without significant behavior modification.”

According to the study, three days after using the HAELO Symphonic PEMF (sPEMF) device, participants began reporting increased perceived recovery in daily surveys.

“Tracking and understanding biometric data is crucial to reaching peak performance and recovery,” HAELO Founder Jeff Monroe said, noting that athletes and fitness enthusiasts are data-driven. “This data is the feedback loop that tells the athlete what is working and what isn’t.”

Previous studies found that poor sleep quality may lead to a decrease in reaction time, strength, endurance and cognitive function. Hence adequate recovery and slow-wave deep sleep are critical to achieving athletic peak performance. Up to 95 percent of growth hormone release occurs during deep sleep, which is necessary for muscular recovery, growth and repair.

The Biostrap Labs––HAELO study demonstrated a significant increase in average deep sleep in all five athletic participants, which pointed researchers to a discussion that consistent use of the HAELO sPEMF device may provide benefit to competitive endurance athletes including overall performance, recovery and injury prevention through improved sleep quality and cardiovascular functional capacity.

HAELO is the only PEMF device that simultaneously delivers an orchestra of electromagnetic frequencies to potentially deliver a synergistic effect with cumulative benefits over time.

“We found Biostrap unique in that via Biostrap Labs, we were able to see the impact of the technology in a controlled study that was conducted independently and with a completely scientific approach,” he said. “This study is another validation point for HAELO and its ability to help athletes push further and recover stronger.”


The purpose of the study was to evaluate the immediate and lasting physiological performance benefits of two weeks of consistent HAELO Symphonic PEMF (sPEMF) application in a group of healthy adults regularly engaging in high-volume athletic training.

Participants were recruited based on responses to digital surveys. Measurements collected on five healthy participants, ages 30-38, using the Biostrap wrist-worn photoplethysmography (PPG) device with in-application prompts for intermittent and daily survey responses for five weeks. Following a two-week baseline, participants were guided through specific sPEMF protocols based on their daily training. Participants were monitored for one additional week of discontinued use to measure the lasting benefits of sPEMF therapy. Participants were instructed to maintain consistent training type and volumes throughout study duration.

A total of 175 days of biometric data were analyzed from all five participants who maintained compliance throughout the five-week study duration. Analysis of data throughout study phases showed improvements in nocturnal vitals, deep sleep duration, deep sleep percentage, average sleep disturbances, overall sleep score and overall recovery score for the majority of participants. Additionally, all participants reported improvements in perceived performance and quality of life. All five participants' data were kept anonymous.



The newest modality in the growing sports and fitness technology space, HAELO powers the recovery of athletes and high-performing fitness enthusiasts by using pulsed electromagnetic field therapy (PEMF).

PEMF is a therapy that emits sound frequencies to optimize and support cellular health. Promoting cellular health can increase stamina, support recovery, help to reduce inflammation and soreness, elevate energy, promote deeper sleep and boost mental health––benefits that assist active people to push further and achieve their performance goals. 

The HAELO app drives ten frequency sets with each intended for different athletic performance and recovery-related goals. 

HAELO is used by athletes worldwide for stronger recovery. For more information, visit haelo.com.


About Biostrap

Biostrap is a science-driven platform developed to improve and optimize human health. Facilitating data collection through a proprietary and clinically reliable wrist-worn device, Biostrap utilizes machine learning to provide actionable data to improve sleep, recovery and performance. Biostrap analyzes each heartbeat for 29 unique parameters on its secure servers to ensure data reliability. Additionally, Biostrap is referenced in 14 publications and has 22 clinical studies validating its biometric measurements against gold standard medical diagnostics and use cases in specific medical conditions. Providing an individualized approach to consumers via an app and web dashboard, Biostrap also delivers customizable remote monitoring solutions for medical, clinical and fitness professionals. With its Biostrap Labs research division, Biostrap offers the opportunity for wellness companies to validate the efficacy of their products and services in a real-world setting. 


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