5 Reasons To Use HAELO


HAELO is a new and effective approach to pulsed electromagnetic field (PEMF) therapy. It gives you the power to upgrade your body and brain in just a few minutes a day. 

With a HAELO unit, you get to choose how you live life better. Here are 5 ways you can use HAELO to become a stronger version of yourself. 

1. Stronger Muscle Recovery

You work hard during your training. But if you don’t optimize your recovery, you’re leaving progress on the table. 

Whether you’re an elite athlete or a regular gym-goer, better muscle recovery will help you reach your fitness goals faster. The stronger you recover, the more progress you’ll get out of your workout routine. You’ll also be able to train more each week—and over time, those extra training sessions will add up to a major difference in how you look, feel, and perform. 

A 2021 study found that when athletes used HAELO every day for two weeks, they saw a steady 11% increase in overall recovery[*]. That’s a large increase for anyone, and it’s especially valuable if you compete in a sport. An 11% improvement can easily be the difference between winning and losing. 

2. Deeper Sleep

That same 2021 study also found that people who used HAELO daily experienced an[*]:

  • 18% increase in deep sleep
  • 11% increase in sleep efficiency

From a performance perspective, sleep is one of the most important things you can do for both your body and brain. A good night’s sleep enhances your:

  • Cognitive speed (how fast your brain works)[*]
  • Mood[*]
  • Mental focus[*]
  • Memory[*]
  • Physical and mental recovery[*]
  • Physical output[*]

HAELO will help you sleep better and wake up ready to take on the day. 

3. Better Cardio Performance

Athletes who used HAELO every day saw a 5% increase in long-term cardio performance, measured through how elastic their arteries were[*]. 

After using HAELO on a regular basis for 14 days, athletes had more elastic arteries—a sign that their arteries could send oxygen through their system more efficiently, improving long-term cardio[*].

4. Increased Quality Of Life

HAELO helps you get more out of your days (and it helps you sleep better at night). You’ll feel the HAELO difference within a single session, and because HAELO trains your cells to become more efficient, that improvement will grow over time—giving you both short-term and long-term benefits. 

Perhaps it’s not surprising that 100% of participants who used HAELO on a daily basis reported an increase in quality of life[*]. When you feel better, look better, perform better, and sleep better, your whole life improves. 

5. Freedom Of Choice

HAELO’s unique, patent-pending design delivers multiple frequencies at the same time, and each frequency acts like a different kind of upgrade for your cells. 

That means you get to choose how to level up your performance. HAELO comes with 10 different frequency sets, each of which offers a unique benefit. 

You can use Restore after a hard workout, Focus when you sit down to work, Calm before bed—whatever you’re doing, HAELO can help you do it better. 

Feel the HAELO Difference

If you want to become a stronger version of yourself, we can help. HAELO gives you the power to upgrade your body and brain in just a few minutes a day. 

The best way to experience HAELO is to try it for yourself. We want you to feel HAELO working—which is why every HAELO unit comes with a risk-free, 60-day return policy. That way you can use HAELO in your home and measure the difference in your performance.

HAELO is the future of human optimization. Are you ready to feel the HAELO difference?

Experience HAELO

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