HAELO x Grey Team: Supporting Our Veterans

HAELO x Grey Team: Supporting Our Veterans

“Thank you, HAELO, for allowing us to get better and to recover faster, so we can give back to other veterans and get them the help they need.”

That’s Steve Anton, retired United States Marine, talking about his experience with HAELO. 

Steve works for Grey Team, a veteran-run nonprofit that offers mental health and wellness training, as well as physical training, to both current and former members of the U.S. military. 

Last year, we donated a number of HAELO devices to Grey Team, as a way to help active-duty soldiers and veterans speed up recovery and get faster progress out of their training routines. The results have been exceptional. 

“I can’t say enough good things about this device from HAELO…it speeds up recovery, it increases performance. It’s just an excellent all-around training device.” Cary Reichbach, Army veteran and founder of Grey Team

We partnered with Grey Team because we saw how they were successfully helping those in the armed forces and we wanted to help. Military service takes a unique toll on the body and mind, and a lot of veterans struggle to adjust to civilian life once they return home. 

PTSD, physical injuries, trouble sleeping, overall mental health—these are all concerns that often go unaddressed in both active-duty and veteran communities. 

Far too often, Veteran Affairs falls short, and the mindset of putting your team before yourself, as well as struggling with experiences that most civilians could never understand, can make it hard to ask for help after you retire. You can end up struggling to relax, sleep, recover, and generally feel okay. 

That’s where HAELO comes in. HAELO uses pulsed electromagnetic field (PEMF) therapy to calm your nervous system, improve sleep, support faster physical recovery, and increase mental clarity—all benefits that are particularly useful to both those on active duty and those who have come home. 

In a recent study, people who used HAELO saw and read more

  • 18% increase in overall deep sleep
  • 11% increase in overall physical recovery
  • 11% decrease in sleep disturbances
  • 7% increase in overall sleep

In addition, 100% of participants reported an increase in quality of life. 

HAELO is proud to partner with Grey Team in support of our veterans and active-duty service members. We want to help those who served feel better and transform the way they live after they come home. 

If you’re struggling to feel physically or mentally balanced, or you want to enhance your training and supercharge your recovery, HAELO can help. We offer two financing options for as low as $152 a month and your purchase comes with a 60-day return policy, a 2-yr warranty, and free shipping within the continental US.

Transform your recovery, performance, and cellular health and become a stronger version of yourself. 

“If you haven’t tried HAELO yet, I would really encourage you to do so, especially if you’re a reservist, active duty soldier, or veteran.” David Kirkland, US Army reservist and CEO of Grey Team

With HAELO, you don’t have to work for your recovery, your recovery works for you.


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