Give the Gift of Whole-Body Recovery

Give the Gift of Whole-Body Recovery

The holiday season is upon us, which means you’re probably looking for world-class gifts for your family. What if you did something different this year?

Imagine giving your whole family better physical and mental recovery and performance. What if, every single day of the coming year, you and your loved ones could:

  • Recover faster
  • Sleep deeper
  • Train longer
  • Focus better
  • Stress less
  • Relax more

All at the push of a button?

With HAELO, better recovery, performance, and cellular health is easier than ever—and it’s the perfect gift for the whole family.

Enjoy Effortless Whole-Body Recovery

In a 2021 study, people used HAELO every day for two weeks, both before and after physical exercise[*]. On average, participants saw an:

  • 18% increase in deep sleep
  • 11% increase in overall recovery score
  • 11% decrease in sleep disturbances
  • 7% increase in overall sleep score
  • 100% improved quality of life

HAELO gives you whole-body recovery at the push of a button. It has quick sessions (8-22 minutes on average) that support immediate relief and muscle recovery and will help you and your loved ones feel your best.

Better Sleep and Relaxation for the Whole Family

HAELO works for both physical recovery (muscles, tendons, ligaments, and tissues) and mental recovery (relaxation, de-stressing, unwinding after a long day).

People who used HAELO for two weeks had an average 18% increase in deep sleep, and 100% of participants reported improved quality of life after doing HAELO sessions daily[*].

HAELO can help you and your loved ones find balance and become stronger, both physically and mentally.

Choose Your Benefits with 10 Different Frequency Sets

With HAELO, you decide how to enhance your body and mind.

HAELO offers 10 different Frequency Sets, each of which gives you unique benefits. You can choose where to focus your recovery, or even combine multiple HAELO sessions for more benefits.

Here are a few examples of HAELO recovery protocols you and your loved ones can try:

  • RECOVER (22:32 mins). Accelerates deep recovery of muscles, bones, ligaments, tendons, fascia, and tissues after a strenuous workout or competition that typically results in soreness or stiffness. Promotes faster recovery, reduced soreness, and repair.
  • CALM (7:20 mins). Shifts the nervous system to the parasympathetic state to center the body and mind and optimize recovery and sleep. Reduces stress, calms the nerves, and helps you to unwind after a long day.
  • RELIEF (22:32 mins). Supports the overall recovery process by providing relief to areas that are tight or sore. Eases the neuromuscular system, calms nerves, soothes physical body tension, and supports optimal gut health.
  • REPLENISH (7:20 mins). Nourishes the body by acting like an energizing IV drip for your cells. Optimizes cellular nutrient uptake of oxygen, water, electrolytes, amino acids, fatty acids, and energy and helps to restore cellular equilibrium.

Make This Holiday Season the Best One Yet with HAELO

This year, give your loved ones the gift of whole-body wellness. Give HAELO a try; you and your family will see the difference in your sleep, physical recovery, quality of life, and more.


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