What Athletes Want This Year

What Athletes Want This Year

At HAELO, we work with pro athletes to enhance performance and recovery. 

It’s a rewarding job, and sometimes it means we get insider information on how the pros train, and what they do to recharge.

Here’s how elite athletes are using HAELO to level up their game this year, and how you can use their protocols to take your training to the next level. 

How Much Does HAELO Improve Performance?

Athletes have been using HAELO for a long time and reporting great results, but until recently, we didn’t have any hard data to measure how much HAELO improves performance.

Now, the results are finally in. In 2021, researchers did a study on elite athletes who used HAELO every day for two weeks. 

The results were powerful. On average, athletes experienced an[*]:

  • 18% increase in deep sleep
  • 11% decrease in sleep disturbances
  • 11% increase in overall physical recovery

Another key benefit of HAELO is its impact on mental strength and recovery: 100% of participants reported an increase in quality of life. 

The best part of HAELO is that it has a variety of different settings, and each one improves your performance in a different way. That means you get to choose how to level up your game, based on your unique goals. 

Here’s how three of the professional athletes we work with use HAELO, and what kind of results they’ve been getting.

Omar Gonzalez: Recovery in 22 Minutes

Omar Gonzalez is a defender for the New England Revolution and one of the longstanding stars of the U.S. Men’s National Soccer Team.

Omar has three MLS Cups under his belt, a Rookie of the Year award, a Defender of the Year award, and a cemented spot as one of the best defenders in the history of American soccer. 

After more than a decade on the field, Omar has learned a valuable lesson: if you want to compete at a professional level, you have to prioritize recovery. 

We started working with Omar a couple years ago to help him bounce back from training faster. His protocol is geared toward deep recovery of muscles, bones, ligaments, and fascia after strenuous workouts, paired with gentle soothing support for sore or tight spots on rest days. 

“HAELO has me covered, whether I need it for performance, recovery, or just a mental boost...I use HAELO every single day.

Omar’s Recovery Protocol

  • Post-workout: RECOVER Frequency Set (22:32 minutes)
  • Rest days: RELIEF Frequency Set (22:32 minutes)

Chelsea Gray: Deep Sleep Protocol

Chelsea Gray is another HAELO athlete who’s leveling up her game this year. 

Chelsea is the starting point guard for the Las Vegas Aces, a multiple time WNBA All-Star, and, as of last year, an Olympic gold medalist who represented Team USA in the 2020 Olympics. 

She was also one of the first athletes to use HAELO for better performance. With back-to-back games, the stress of playing on the road, and practices and workouts on top of an already hectic schedule, Chelsea turns to HAELO for deeper, more restorative sleep. 

“Recovery, stress, sleep—it’s all part of the season, and I don’t know what I would do without HAELO.” 

Chelsea’s Deep Sleep Protocol:

  • CALM Frequency Set (7:20 minutes)
  • DEFENSE Frequency Set (7:48 minutes)

Annika Schmidt: The Ultimate Pre-Workout

Annika Schmidt is a defender for the Houston Dash. She uses HAELO before every game and says it’s been a fundamental part of her (extraordinary) performance over the last couple seasons. 

For Annika, HAELO helps most as a pre-workout. She uses it to boost muscle endurance and focus before a hard training session or a tough match. 

“When I first heard about HAELO I was a little skeptical…I started using HAELO and it immediately eliminated any skepticism I had about the product. I’ve been using the programs Level Up, Power, Calm, Relief, Harmonize, and Recover and I’m telling you—the results I’ve been able to get are absolutely amazing.” 

Annika’s Pre-Workout Protocol:

  • POWER Frequency Set (7:14 minutes)
  • LEVEL UP Frequency Set (7:18 minutes)

Train Like a Pro with HAELO

HAELO is a powerful tool to enhance your recovery, performance, focus, sleep, and more. There’s a reason HAELO is increasing in popularity with professional athletes—it delivers measurable results after just a few sessions. 

If you want to become a stronger version of yourself, we can help. HAELO gives you the power to optimize your body and mind in just a few minutes a day. 

HAELO will take your lifestyle to the next level. Are you ready to feel the HAELO difference?

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