Optimize Your Winter Training with HAELO

Optimize Your Winter Training with HAELO

For a lot of athletes, winter marks the start of the off-season. It’s a time to slow down and relax, giving your body a break and prioritizing recovery over performance gains. 

It’s difficult to keep up high intensity exercise all year long. Sooner or later your body needs rest, and if it doesn’t get it, you risk overtraining: a gradual drop in performance, longer and longer recovery times, and an increased risk of injury. 

But what if you want to train hard all year long, while also making sure you recover enough? 

That’s where HAELO comes in. Here’s how HAELO can help you optimize your winter training, balancing off-season gains with rapid recovery. 

What Is HAELO?

HAELO is a powerful new approach to pulsed electromagnetic field (PEMF) therapy. 

PEMF works by sending pulses of electromagnetic energy throughout your body. These pulses gently stimulate your cells, training them to become more efficient over time. 

With HAELO, you decide how to level up your cellular performance. Different PEMF frequencies have different effects on your body, and HAELO offers 10 different frequency sets, each of which offers unique benefits. 

HAELO lets you choose how to level up your game, depending on what your body needs that day. Whether you want faster muscle recovery, increased endurance, deeper sleep, better mental focus, or stress relief, HAELO can help. 

It’s that flexibility that allows you to keep training hard, even in the off-season. 

Recover More in Less Time

One reason people take time off in winter is that it helps them avoid overtraining. Pushing your body too hard for too long slows down recovery and can leave you injured, forcing you to stop training for weeks or even months at a time. 

But if you want to recover stronger so you can keep training year-round, PEMF therapy can help. 

In one recent study, researchers gave people either PEMF therapy or placebo. Those who received PEMF saw a significant improvement in muscle soreness and function, while those in the placebo group saw no change[*]. Another study in 2018 found similar improvements in muscle pain[*]. 

A 2020 review also found that PEMF improved joint mobility and reduced stiffness in people who did PEMF regularly[*]. 

Finally, a 2021 study with HAELO technology found that when athletes used HAELO daily, they saw an 11% increase in overall physical recovery[*]. 

Leveling up your physical recovery can help you stay on your game and train all year, helping you push harder and improve faster. HAELO is especially good if you want to beat out the competition, or if you feel like you’re slowing down and your body’s struggling to keep up with your goals. 

Sleep Deeper Every Night

HAELO can also help you sleep deeper, which plays an essential role in both physical and mental performance. 

Research shows that poor sleep decreases your muscle output[*], slows down recovery, and makes it harder for you to gain muscle[*]. 

In addition, overtraining causes sleep disturbances that slow recovery and, in turn, make overtraining worse, starting a vicious cycle that causes deficits in your performance and increases your risk of injury[*].

If you want to train hard year-round, it’s essential that you sleep well. If you don’t, your recovery will fall apart and you won’t be able to keep going. 

Fortunately, HAELO can help. A recent study found that athletes who used HAELO daily saw an[*]:

  • 18% increase in deep sleep
  • 11% increase in sleep efficiency

HAELO is a simple way to optimize your sleep and spend more time in the deepest, most restorative sleep phases. It’s a valuable way to keep your recovery up and get more out of your training routine. 

Keep Your Mood High During Winter

It can be difficult to stay motivated during winter. Shorter days, less sunlight, less time outside, and lower vitamin D levels can all contribute to seasonal low mood[*][*]. 

If you struggle with mood or motivation during winter, HAELO may be able to help. Research shows that daily PEMF improves mood[*], and in the same 2021 study referenced above, 100% of athletes who used HAELO reported an increase in quality of life[*].

Boost Your Off-Season Performance with HAELO

HAELO is a unique approach to PEMF. Our pre-programmed frequency sets let you choose how to upgrade your body, which gives you the adaptability you need to train hard all year long. 

If you want to recover faster, Recover and Relief sets can soothe sore muscles and joints. If you’re feeling stressed, pick Calm or Harmonize. If you’re tired and want extra energy for a hard workout, choose Power or Level Up. 

HAELO is fast, too. Most frequency sets last eight minutes or less, so there’s always time to enhance your recovery, no matter what your schedule looks like. 

With 10 different frequency sets, each offering unique performance upgrades, HAELO allows you to feel the full benefit of PEMF therapy.

We know HAELO works, and we want you to try it in your own home so you can feel the difference. That’s why we offer a 60-day return policy.

Are you ready to experience next-level performance? 


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