Why HAELO Is an Upgrade for the Whole Family

Why HAELO Is an Upgrade for the Whole Family

HAELO isn’t just for athletes. 

Our unique, patent-pending approach to PEMF therapy lets you choose from a variety of frequency sets, each of which trains your cells to work better in a different way. 

With HAELO, you decide how you want to perform better. HAELO can help with:

  • Stronger post-workout recovery
  • Physical endurance
  • Mental focus
  • Better energy
  • Stress relief
  • Relaxation
  • Deeper sleep

Here’s why HAELO has something for the whole family, and how you can use it to make everyone in your household perform better. 

Better Sleep for the Busy Parent

If you have children, you know that there are few things more precious than a good night’s sleep. 

A 2019 study found that, on average, new parents face six years of disrupted sleep[*]. And even when your kids are older, busy schedules and family obligations can make it easy to fall behind on rest. It’s difficult to balance personal care with work and family. 

The good news is that HAELO can help. A 2021 study found that when people used HAELO every day, they saw the following[*]:

  • 18% increase in deep sleep
  • 11% increase in sleep efficiency (fewer sleep disturbances at night)
  • 7% increase in overall sleep quality

HAELO can help you sleep better. It’s not just about time asleep, either––HAELO increases deep sleep and sleep efficiency, meaning you’ll wake up more rested, even if you only get a few hours of sleep a night. 

That can make a big difference for a busy parent –– and it’s great for restless kids, too. 

Exercise Recovery for the Whole Family

PEMF is also good for post-exercise recovery. 

A 2021 study found that people who used HAELO every day saw an 11% increase in overall recovery from exercise[*]. 

Several other studies have found that using PEMF reduces muscle soreness[*][*] and improves joint mobility[*]. 

You can use HAELO after a tough workout, and you can give it to your kids after practice to help them bounce back faster. 

Whether you’re an active parent, your kids play sports, or both, everyone in your family can benefit from better physical recovery.

Feel the HAELO Difference

HAELO can help your whole household live better. Whether it’s deeper sleep for you and your spouse or more balanced mood for your kids, HAELO is an investment in your family’s long-term wellbeing and performance. 

We want you to experience the benefits of HAELO firsthand. That’s why we offer a 60-day return policy .

Are you and your loved ones ready to feel the HAELO difference?


Level Up with HAELO

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