HAELO Is The Future Of Human Performance.

It’s a sleek new approach to pulsed electromagnetic field (PEMF) therapy that helps you live an upgraded life, every single day. 

With HAELO, you choose how to hack your biology. Do you want more restorative sleep? Resilience to stress? Faster muscle recovery? Effortless mental clarity?

HAELO’s patent-pending technology delivers powerful electromagnetic pulses that train your cells to become stronger––and most HAELO sessions are under 8 minutes long. They deliver fast, powerful results that you can feel. 

No matter what your biohacking goals are, HAELO can help you reach them. It’s time to level up. 


How Do You Want To Upgrade Your Biology?

HAELO works by sending pulses of electromagnetic energy through your body, gently stimulating your cells. Your cells respond by becoming stronger and more efficient. 

However, most PEMF units only produce a single electromagnetic frequency at a time. 

Our unique, patent-pending technology delivers multiple frequencies at once, and each set of frequencies provides a unique workout for your cells. You get to choose how you upgrade your biology. 

HAELO can train your cells to recover faster, produce more energy, improve mental clarity, and more. 

With 10 curated frequency sets, each offering a unique way to boost your performance,  there’s only one question: how do you HAELO?


Dave Asprey

Biohacker, Founder of Bulletproof, and New York Times bestselling science author

"With HAELO you feel it working very quickly, and its different to other pemf devices, what HAELO does is you just run it for 8 minutes and it works on a whole body state. I use the HAELO every single day when I wake up and wow the focus, power and level up modes, I really like how I feel. I just did a 72 hour fast and my brain worked the whole time, there was just no decline. This is something you should consider, its a really cool thing"


Red Light Therapy

Red light therapy enhances the mitochondria in your cells by sending them a specific wavelength of light. As a result, you get better energy production and faster recovery. 

PEMF also boosts your energy production and recovery, but it works a little differently. 

While red light therapy targets mitochondria, PEMF reduces inflammation[*][*], increases cellular blood flow[*], and activates proteins that stimulate cellular repair[*]. The result is better energy and faster recovery.

PEMF and red light therapy both make you stronger, and when you use them together, their effects stack. Pairing PEMF with red light therapy will take your energy and recovery to whole new levels. 


Percussive Therapy

If you’ve ever used a massage gun (like a Theragun) to ease sore muscles, you know that percussive therapy is great for muscle recovery––and it’s incredibly painful. 

PEMF therapy boosts muscle recovery on its own, but it also decreases muscle soreness and pain[*], which makes it the perfect companion for percussive therapy. 

Just turn on your HAELO unit and keep it near you while you use your massage gun. You’ll be able to go deeper into your muscles without as much pain, speeding up recovery so you can get back into the gym faster.


Track Your Progress

Heart rate variability (HRV) is a way to measure stress and physical recovery. The higher your HRV, the better you are at recovering from both physical and mental stress. When HRV drops, it’s a sign that you need rest, either physically, mentally, or both.

If you use a wearable to track your HRV, it’s worth your time to combine it with HAELO. A 2021 study found that people who used HAELO every day saw a significant improvement in their sleep quality, long-term cardiovascular performance, and more, as well as an 11% improvement in overall physical recovery)[*]. 


Train Your Cells to Work Better

HAELO works immediately, so you’ll feel the difference it makes after your first session. However, the biggest benefits of HAELO come from using it consistently, long-term. 

Each HAELO frequency set acts like a different kind of cellular workout. The electromagnetic pulses gently stimulate your cells, and your cells respond by becoming more efficient. 

When you stimulate your cells on a regular basis, the benefits are cumulative. You get stronger over time, much like when you work your muscles at the gym. 

With HAELO, you get to choose how you get stronger. On a training day when you’re pushing further, try the Level Up and Power frequency sets. When your body needs deep restorative sleep, try Replenish and Calm. 

HAELO lets you decide how to train your body long-term. How do you want to get better?


Try HAELO At Home

The best way to experience the HAELO difference is to try HAELO for yourself. That’s why we offer a 60-day money-back guarantee on every unit. 

Our guarantee means you have plenty of time to try HAELO’s different frequency sets. You can see how it boosts your mental clarity, use it to recover after training sessions, feel the difference it makes in your sleep and mood, and much more. 

If you decide you want to return your HAELO unit within 60 days, we’ll take it back, no questions asked. We’ll even pay for the return shipping. 

Our return policy means there’s no risk to you. We know HAELO works, and we want you to experience firsthand the difference it makes in your training, recovery, and mental state.