Frequency Sets

What is a Frequency Set?

A Frequency Set is a custom program that simultaneously delivers a spectrum of frequencies to the body. These unique blends work in harmony to enhance recovery, performance, and overall wellness.


HAELO can be incorporated into your daily routine. Most users tend to enjoy 1-4 Frequency Sets on the days they use HAELO. The number of sessions daily or weekly will depend on your lifestyle and goals! Keep in mind, every body is different.


The HAELO app is where you go to access our Frequency Sets. Simply select which of our custom programs you want to experience and press play!

Frequency Sets:

  • Timed at 7.5 minutes or 22 minutes.
  • Play before, after, or while using your favorite recovery modalities.
  • Play individually or play 2 to 3 back-to-back for added benefits!
  • The BOOST feature allows you to increase the intensity of any Frequency Set!

Download the HAELO app for free! The HAELO app is compatible with iPhone and iPad (iOS 13 or higher) and Android smartphone and tablet (Android OS 9 or higher).