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What Is Premium?

The PREMIUM Playlist includes a growing library of unique Frequency Sets - each one tailored to a variety of goals and lifestyles. In this playlist, you can look forward to unlocking access to a diverse selection of all things recovery, performance, and overall health and wellness.

You can access PREMIUM Frequency Sets in two ways:

  1. Weekly rental at $4.99/week 
  2. Monthly subscription at $17.99/month


The HAELO app is where you go to access our Frequency Sets. Simply select which of our programs you want to experience and press play!


  • Timed between 7 and 30 minutes.
  • Can be played at the same time as other modalities (e.g. compression, red light therapy, etc.).
  • Can be played individually or back-to-back for added benefits!
  • The BOOST feature allows you to increase the intensity of any Frequency Set!

Download the HAELO app for free! The HAELO app is compatible with iPhone and iPad (iOS 13 or higher) and Android smartphone and tablet (Android OS 9 or higher).