Meet Your New Best Friend: Digestion

Meet Your New Best Friend: Digestion

Need we say more? You will quickly discover that this Frequency Set is a must-have, especially when traveling. Its ability to promote digestive balance and ease discomfort makes it essential for maintaining wellness at home and on the go.


Time: 25:59 minutes

Description: Supports overall digestive system balance and homeostasis, providing relief for gastrointestinal issues and calming a nervous stomach.

Applications and Best Use:

  • General Digestive Support
  • Pre/Post Travel
  • As Needed!

Digestion can be enjoyed on its own, whenever it’s needed. If you have the extra time and are looking to relax your stomach even further, try stacking this Frequency Set with Calm or Relief!


We’ve all been there before… But what if relief was just a Frequency Set away? With Digestion, you will notice a difference after just one session. Next time you are dealing with stomach discomfort, simply press play on this 25-minute program and let the frequencies go to work. If you didn’t want to travel without your HAELO before, just wait until you try Digestion!

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