Why PEMF Is Essential for a Healthy Lifestyle

Why PEMF Is Essential for a Healthy Lifestyle

HAELO is the most advanced PEMF technology on the market. Our patent-pending technology emits pulses of electromagnetic energy that expand and contract your cells—like a massage at a cellular level.

Supplementing your life with pulsed electromagnetic field (PEMF) therapy can enhance physical and mental recovery, increase your resilience to stress, help you sleep better, and more.

For years, PEMF therapy was prohibitively expensive and an unfamiliar technology, to say the least.

Now, PEMF is more accessible than ever, and it’s quickly becoming a staple of high performers.

Here’s why PEMF is essential for a healthy lifestyle, and how you can use it to upgrade your daily life.

“I’m living proof that PEMF machines, which administer a controlled pulse of electromagnetic energy, really work. Not a day goes by when I don’t use my PEMF machines.”

 - Tony Robbins

Why Is PEMF Therapy Important?

For millions of years, every cell in the human body has evolved in the presence of Earth’s beneficial electromagnetic energies.

As a result of that evolution, your cells run largely on electricity. Each cell in your body is like a tiny battery that maintains an electrical charge to power your muscles, tissues, organs, and brain.

Beneficial EMF exposure can alter that charge, causing your cells to expand, contract, repair, shuttle nutrients, produce energy, and more.

That’s where PEMF therapy comes in. With the best PEMF technologies, like HAELO, you get to provide your cells with beneficial EMFs—and each frequency enhances your body in a different way.

4 Benefits of PEMF Therapy

Over the past 20 years, there have been more than 10,000 research papers published on PEMF therapy. Here are a few of the benefits researchers have found from PEMF therapy:

  • Enhanced Physical Recovery. A 2007 study found that participants who used PEMF post-workout showed faster restoration of heart rate variability (HRV), a marker of overall physical recovery.
  • Improved Sleep Quality. A 2001 study found that 70% of participants who used PEMF daily saw a significant improvement in sleep quality. About 40% of participants showed complete reversal of sleeplessness symptoms.
  • Faster Muscle Growth. A 2020 study found that PEMF activates pathways in muscle cells called TRP channels, accelerating both recovery and muscle growth.
  • Better Mood. A 2016 study found that PEMF restores disrupted brain pathways, improving brain function and boosting mood.

The HAELO Study: How 2 Weeks of PEMF Improved Sleep, Recovery, and More

In a 2021 study, elite athletes used HAELO every day for two weeks, both before and after training. Participants saw an:

  • 18% increase in deep sleep
  • 11% increase in overall recovery score
  • 11% decrease in sleep disturbances
  • 7% increase in overall sleep score
  • 100% improved quality of life

HAELO is a new and game-changing approach to PEMF. It lets you choose from 10 unique Frequency Sets, each of which improves your recovery, performance, and overall wellness in different ways. With so many different options, you get to decide which Frequency Sets best support your goals.

PEMF Is Essential for a Healthy Lifestyle

PEMF therapy will transform your life.

Your body is a sensitive machine. Even small changes in your electromagnetic environment can cause major shifts in your cellular performance.

While toxic EMFs can reduce your cells’ electrical charge, the same can be said about the opposite–beneficial EMFs can recharge, refuel, and repair your cells, leading to better health and an improved quality of life!

With HAELO, you can supplement your life with PEMF therapy daily in just 22 minutes or less!

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