Recover Stronger.

HAELO works by sending pulses of electromagnetic energy through the body, gently stimulating your cells. Your cells respond by becoming more efficient. 

Our patent-pending technology delivers multiple electromagnetic frequencies simultaneously - symphonically. These frequency sets each provide a unique workout for your cells. 

With HAELO, you can help your cells to recover faster, produce more energy, increase endurance, and much more. 

With 10 curated frequency sets, each offering a unique way to boost your performance, the only question is: how do you HAELO?

Our users report a variety of benefits after doing PEMF, including:

➤ Faster muscle recovery

➤ deeper sleep

➤ Better mental focus

➤ Greater physical endurance

➤ Improved mood

➤ Relaxation

➤ Resilience to stress

PEMF has something for every athlete–and the best way to experience the benefits is to try it for yourself.


The HAELO Difference: Peak Performance in 8 Minutes

HAELO is a powerful new approach to PEMF. Our patent-pending system delivers stronger, more efficient electromagnetic pulses. 

As a result, most sessions are only 8 minutes long and they deliver the full range of the benefits that PEMF offers. The HAELO system creates an electromagnetic field with an effective range of 3 feet from the center of the coil, which means you can sit back, place the coil on you, and recharge your body in a few minutes a day. 

You can also control HAELO through an app on your smartphone, allowing you to switch seamlessly between different frequency sets. And the unit is small enough that you can take it on the go.

Everything about HAELO has been streamlined to make PEMF therapy as easy and effective as possible. It leaves you free to focus on what’s important: improving your performance. 

"I’ve been using HAELO for the past eight months. Simply put: it’s amazing, and it’s the best PEMF device I’ve ever used. HAELO has me covered, whether I need it for performance, recovery, or just a mental boost...I use HAELO every single day. ”

Omar Gonzalez, Defender, Toronto FC and the U.S. Men’s National Soccer Team


“I love using HAELO for recovery, stress, sleep...without HAELO, I’m not sure what my life would have been like throughout the 2020 WNBA season. Recovery after back-to-back games, being stressed out waiting for the next game to come, and being able to sleep and turn your mind off after a hard game...whatever the case may be, HAELO was along for the process, and it really improved my 2020 game.”

Chelsea Gray, Point Guard, Las Vegas Aces, WNBA Champion



Try HAELO At Home

The best way to experience the HAELO difference is to try one for yourself. That’s why we offer a 60-day money-back guarantee on every unit.

Our guarantee means you have plenty of time to try HAELO’s different frequency settings. You can see how it boosts your endurance, use it to recover after training sessions, feel the difference it makes in your sleep and mood, and much more. 

If you decide you want to return your HAELO unit within 60 days, we’ll take it back, no questions asked.

Our return policy means there’s no risk to you. We know HAELO works, and we want you to experience firsthand the difference it makes in your training, recovery, and mental state.


Is HAELO Right For You?

In athletics, the people who succeed are the ones who can push harder, go longer, and recover stronger than their opponents. Success is measured in seconds and inches, and the smallest advantage can be the difference between a win and a loss. 

With HAELO, you create that advantage. Push your body to its limits and recover stronger than you thought possible. It’s time to level up.