Introducing HAELO

HAELO is a cutting-edge type of sound therapy known as pulsed electromagnetic field (PEMF) therapy. Our patent-pending approach utilizes inaudible sound frequencies that recharge and refuel your cells to activate your recovery and performance. 

The HAELO coil emits a 6ft. wide field all around your body. This field gently delivers many layers of frequencies, or instructions, directly to your cells to bring about desired benefits.

HAELO fits easily into your active lifestyle. With its portable design, user-friendly app, and short Frequency Sets, you can choose when and how to upgrade your body and mind. Just sit back, place the coil wherever you need it, and play a Frequency Set!

While HAELO was developed with athletes in mind, it is perfect for anyone looking to optimize their body, mind, and overall cellular health.



The HAELO app offers ten (10) pre-curated Frequency Sets to support your lifestyle. 

Each Frequency Set is a workout designed to train your cells to recover faster and perform better over time. Frequency Sets can be played individually or stacked together for over 1,000 combinations to try!

The HAELO app includes two playlists: 

RECOVERY contains five (5) Frequency Sets that initiate the parasympathetic state for faster recovery and improved sleep. PERFORMANCE contains five (5) Frequency Sets that initiate the sympathetic state for increased energy and better performance.


Recover Stronger

As an active person, you probably use a wide variety of recovery tools. While effective, these therapies only work at the surface level. But HAELO works at the cellular level. 

RECOVERY Frequency Sets initiate the parasympathetic state to accelerate your physical and mental recovery. For example, our Frequency Set, RECOVER, is designed to send instructions to your muscle cells to jump-start the recovery process by accelerating repair, reducing soreness, decreasing inflammation, and getting you back into the gym faster.


Perform Better

Your trillions of cells are like tiny batteries that power your body and brain. HAELO works by refueling and recharging your cells which restores your cellular voltage to optimal performance levels.

PERFORMANCE Frequency Sets initiate the sympathetic state to energize your physical and mental performance. For example, our Frequency Set, POWER, supports mitochondrial function, which activates a surge of energy and drives better muscle endurance.


Sleep Deeper

Our RECOVERY Frequency Sets also work to prime your body and mind for optimal relaxation and sleep. HAELO is now proven to improve overall sleep quality, allowing you to achieve deeper and more restful sleep.

In a recent recovery and sleep study conducted by Biostrap Labs, participants experienced the following results from using HAELO for just two (2) weeks:

➤ 18% increase in overall deep sleep

➤ 11% decrease in sleep disturbances

➤ 7% increase in overall sleep score

➤ 11% increase in overall recovery score

➤ 100% improved quality of life


The HAELO Difference

HAELO takes PEMF therapy to the next level. 

Unlike traditional PEMF technologies that can only send one frequency to the cell at a time, HAELO sends many layers of frequencies to the cell, simultaneously. As a result, we shortened our Frequency Sets to reduce your session times allowing HAELO to fit seamlessly into your active lifestyle.

The HAELO coil is the ideal delivery method because it not only delivers frequencies to the cell, but also opens the cell membrane to allow frequencies to enter into the cell. For this reason, HAELO requires less intensity than traditional technologies to produce optimized results. This means that you can use HAELO daily, and even multiple times per day, without aggravating your cells or nervous system.


60-Day Money Back Guarantee

Your HAELO purchase comes with a risk-free, 60-Day Money Back Guarantee. 

Starting on your delivery date, you have 60 days to experience all that HAELO has to offer. But if HAELO is not right for you, return it for a full refund - no questions asked. We’ll even pay return shipping. It’s that simple.

Your purchase also comes with free ground shipping, a 2-yr limited warranty, and lifetime support from Team HAELO. If you have questions or need personalized guidance to achieve your goals, we are here to help. Just schedule a call with us!

"I’ve been using HAELO for the past eight months. Simply put: it’s amazing, and it’s the best PEMF device I’ve ever used. HAELO has me covered, whether I need it for performance, recovery, or just a mental boost...I use HAELO every single day. ”

Omar Gonzalez, Defender, New England Revolution and the U.S. Men’s National Soccer Team


“I love using HAELO for recovery, stress, sleep...without HAELO, I’m not sure what my life would have been like throughout the 2020 WNBA season. Recovery after back-to-back games, being stressed out waiting for the next game to come, and being able to sleep and turn your mind off after a hard game...whatever the case may be, HAELO was along for the process, and it really improved my 2020 game.”

Chelsea Gray, Point Guard, Las Vegas Aces, WNBA Champion